Tips for the environment

You can support an ADD-er by helping to:


  • Finding healthy, attainable goals.
  • Learning to understand how the thought stream of a non-ADD-er works. 
  • Learning to understand how the thought stream of a ADD-ers works. 
  • Applicate such a structure that hiding ADD is no longer necessary.
  • Setting up an organized household and administration. 
  • Learn to understand the brain functions and their influence on behavior. 
  • Finding detours and solutions for personal related issues.
  • Learn to realize that ADD also have benefits. Many ADD-ers are for example autodidact.
  • Provide encouragement. 
  • Provide emotional support and a listening ear after a diagnosis. 
  • Learning to prioritize, respecting to a concentration problem.
  •  The search for healthy addictions and dopamine-enhancing activities. 
  • Ensuring that the ADD-er regularly takes time for him/herself. 
  • Working on the confidence.
  • To (help) learn to recognize how much the ADD-er as an individual can handle. 
  • Helping ensure that limits are not exceeded.


source: Karin Windt-2006