The following people have or had ADD or the more known version ADHD, or at least distinct characteristics!

Most ADD-ers are very insecure about themselves, I also know everything about it. I can not do anything! Everything I do fails! But after seeing this list, your confidence will gets a boost.

ADD is anything but an obstacle to achieving what you want!!

Part II:









(Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) Lewis Carroll - English author,  mathematician, logician, Anglican deacon, photographer

Date of birth: 27-01-1832

Deceased: 14-01-1898







Louis Pasteur -French chemist, microbiologist

Date of birth: 27-12-1822

Deceased: 28-09-1895







Ludwig van Beethoven - German composer, pianist

Date of birth: 17-12-1770

Deceased: 26-03-1827









Madonna (Louise Veronica Ciccone) -  American singer-songwriter, actress, entrepreneur

Date of birth: 16-08-1958







Malcolm Forbes - American publisher (Forbes Magazine), businessman

Date of birth:19-08-1919

Deceased: 24-02-1990 










Mariel Hemingway - American actress, writer

Date of birth: 22-11-1961









Meriwether Lewis -  American Explorer, soldier, public administrator

Date of birth: 18-08-1774

Deceases: 11-10-1809







Michael Faraday -  English chemist, physicist (or natural philosopher, in the terminology of the time)

Date of birth: 22-09-1791

Deceased: 25-08-1867







Michael Jordan - American Basketball player

Date of birth: 17-02-1963






Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus) - French apothecary,reputed seer who published collections of prophecies that have since become famous worldwide

Date of birth: 14-12-1503

Deceased:  02-07-1566






Milton Hershey -  American confectioner, philanthropist, and founder of the Hersey Chocolate Company and the Company Town of Hershey, Pennsylvania

Date of birth: 13-09-1857

Deceased: 13-10-1945










Napoleon Bonaparte - French military and political leader during the latter stages of the French Revolution

Date of birth: 15-08-1769

Deceased: 05-05-1821







Nelson Rockefeller -  41st Vice President of the United States (1947 - 1977), serving under President Gerald Ford

Date of birth: 08-07-1908

Deceased: 26-01-1979









Nolan Ryan - American Basebal player

Date of birth: 31-01-1947






Orville Wright - Together with his brother Wilbur invented and building the world's first successful  airplane and making the first controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air human-flight

Date of birth: 19-08-1871

Deceased: 30-01-1948









Ozzy Osbourne - English singer-songwriter, occasional actor

Date of birth: 03-12-1948







Pablo Picasso -  Spanish painter, draughtsman, sulptor

Date of birth: 25-10-1881

Deceased: 08-04-1973






Pete Rose - American Baseball player

Date of birth: 14-04-1941







Philippe Starck - French product designer

Date of birth: 18-01-1949









Prince Rogers Nelson - American singer, songwriter, musician, actor

Date of birth: 07-06-1958








Prince Charles - His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales

Date of birth: 14-11-1948








Robin Williams - American actor, comedian

Date of birth - 21-07-1951








Salvador Dali -  Spanish Catalan surrealist painter

Date of birth: 11-05-1904

Deceased: 23-01-1989








 Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff – Russian composer, pianist, conductor

Date of birth: 01-04-1873

Deceased: 28-03-1943








Sir Isaac Newton - English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist, theologian

Date of birth: 04-01-1643

Deceased: 31-03-1727








Socrates - classical Greek Athenian philosopher, credited as one of the founders of Western Philosophy

 Date of birth: 469 v. BC.

Deceased: 399 BC.









Stephen Hawkings - English theoretical physicist, cosmologist

Date of birth: 08-01-1942




Steve Irwin "The Crocodile Hunter" -  Australian television personality, wildlife expert, conservationist

Date of birth: 22-02-1962

Deceased: 04-09-2006







Steven Spielberg - American film director, screenwriter, film producer, video game designer, studio executive

Date of birth: 18-12-1946








Stevie Wonder (Stevland Hardaway Morris) - American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, activist

Date of birth: 13-05-1950








Sylvester Stallone -  American actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, film director, occasional painter

Date of birth: 06-07-1946








Terry Bradshaw - American Football player

Date of birth: 02-09-1948








Thomas Alva Edison - American inventor, scientist, and businessman

Date of birth: 11-02-1847

Deceased: 18-10-1931






Thomas Jefferson - 3rd President of the United states, writer, principal author of the Declaration of Independence, philosopher, scientist, lawyer, architect, inventor

Date of birth: 13-04-1743

Deceased: 04-07-1826









Tom Cruise - American film actor, producer

Date of birth: 03-07-1962








Vincent van Gogh -  Dutch post-impressionist painter

Date of birth: 30-03-1853

 Deceased: 29-07-1890





Walt Disney - American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepeneur, entertainer, international icon, philanthropist

Date of birth: 05-12-1901

Deceased: 15-12-1966








Whoopi Goldberg (Caryn Elaine Johnson) - American comedian, actress, singer-songwriter, political activist, talk show host

Date of birth: 13-11-1955







Wilbur Wright -  Together with his brother "Orville" invented and building the world's first successful  airplane and making the first controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air human-flight

Date of birth: 16-04-1867

Deceased: 30-05-1912









Willard Christopher "Will" Smith, Jr. - American actor, film producer and rapper

Date of birth: 25-09-1968









William Butler Yeats -  Anglo-Irish poet, playwright, one of the foremost figures of 20th century literature

Date of birth: 13-06-1865

Deceased: 28-01-1939







William Wrigley Jr. - U.S. chewing gum industrialist. He was founder and eponym of the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company in 1891

Date of birth: 30-09-1861

Deceased: 26-01-1932







Winston Churchill -  British politician, statesman, known for his leadership of the United Kingdom during World War II

Date of birth: 30-11-1874

Deceased: 24-01-1965








Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - German composer

Date of birth: 27-01-1756

Deceased: 05-12-1791








Woodrow Wilson -  28th President of the United States

Date of birth: 28-12-1856

Deceased: 03-02-1924









Zsa Zsa Gabor - Hungarian-born American stage, film and television actress, was crowned Miss Hungary in 1936

Date of birth: 06-02-1917