Hyper Focus

An important aspect of ADD is the hyper focus function. An additional power that makes the ADD-er completely get lost in something that has been of interest. Find no rest until the desired result is achieved. This often results in very creative outbursts. The expectations that a ADD-er has from him/herself is often very high, because they are used throughout to succeed, if there is interest. If they are interested, they are able to learn everything. The ADD-er tends to ask to much of themselves. When they are doing something boring, the brains automatically will send thoughts to more interesting things. Here the ADD-er itself is not always able to do something about that. Therefore they always feel to have performed below if they did things that are not so interesting. Turning on the hyper-focus does not always work. This causes feelings of guilt and uncertainty. People will say:, "You can do it but don't want it. You're just lazy" The ADD-er therefore can have create a negative image of themselves. For this reason, they need a lot of encouragement and little criticism.  the hyper-focus asks a huge amount of energy. That's why the ADD-er is quickly tired and needs a few moments for themselves for "the batteries to recharge". These are moments when the ADD-er seems to be absent and very focused on their own. The Add-er feels at such times empty and worn-out. All thoughts are racing past a large white patch/cloud and then the ADD-er can make bad choices or priorities. As a result they only gets done what was expected of them. Women can show soon at some point depressive symptoms, and men tend to be rebellious and impatient to comment or say something misguided.


Source: Karin Windt