Welcome at the website of ADD experience proffesional Nicolette Rozenberg

The purpose of this site is for anyone diagnosed with ADD, or everyone who knows someone in his or her environment with ADD to assist in this often chaotic battle. I personally get a lot of support by various ADD groups. The recognition feels really nice, and for the first time in my life I feel understood. And that is what everyone with ADD longs for. Understanding!

This site includes:

tips for dealing with ADD

famous ADD-ers

a link to an ADD test

a chat if you want direct contact with Nicolette Rozenberg

and much more!

ADD IS A GIFT.............

As a parent you may be pulling your hair out trying to get your child to study, pay attention, listen to you once and a while or just make a good decision now and then. As an adult you may be wondering why you are so different from your friends, or why life is so challenging for you. Maybe you doubt yourself, or struggle to keep or get a job, manage a relationship, or just keep your moods under control. ADD presents its challenges, I know that. It has been challenging for me too. Why do I say ADD is a gift? Because it is.

You ARE Unique and Special!



ADDers are born uniquely sensitive. We are sensitive to our environment, people around us, even to our inner thoughts. Our sensing is refined, we can understand suffering, understand how to walk gently on the earth. Through this sensitivity we may be able to approach the Sacred in a personal, deep and meaningful way. Some enter the healing arts because of their sensitivity to others and their ability to help them through deep understanding and compassion.


ADDers are creative. Our creativity can be expressed in many ways. Some of us have the ability to bring beauty to our environment through art in its various forms. Some of us make great entrepreneurs through our creative innovation. (Silicon Valley is replete with Adders.) Some enter the entertainment arts with their creative blush.


ADDers hyper focus. This can be a great asset when directed in appropriate channels. My ability to hyper focus was the asset I needed to start this website. Some computer wizards can hyper focus endlessly until they breakthrough an insolvable problem.


ADDers are more intelligent than their peers. This may come as a surprise to some of you who have struggled at school, but it is true. The task is to find a way to bring your intelligence through in a way that works for you. ADD comes laden with gifts, the idea is to get help to blunt the side of the sword that cuts you and sharpen the edge that clears your path.